Rikkyo University Graduate School of Christian Studies

Rikkyo University Graduate School of Christian Studies



Full-time professors

Yoshihiko Abe (Associate Professor)

History of Christian Thought, Church History, Philosophical Anthropology

Shuichi Hasegawa (Professor)

Old Testament, History of Ancient Israel, Biblical Archaeology

Nozomu Hiroishi (Professor)

New Testament, History of Early Christianity, Jesus Christ

Masue Kato (Professor)

History of Western Medieval Art , Christian Art

Yoshiyuki Kato (Associate Professor)

Moderm and Contemporary Religious Thought, History of Moderm Christianty

Shinya Kim (Associate Professor)

Human Rights Education for Places of Consultation, Multiculturalism, Practical Theology

Renta Nishihara (Professor)

Anglicanism, Ecumenism, Systematic Theology

Scott Shaw (Professor)

Church Music, British Music

Mira Sonntag (Professor)

Christianity in Asia, Feminist Theology, Ecotheology

Yumiko Umezawa (Professor)

Christian Ethics, Bioethics

Yoko Yonezawa (Professor)

Church music (Catholic, German Lutheran), Keyboard Music History, Music Therapy