Rikkyo University Graduate School of Christian Studies

Rikkyo University Graduate School of Christian Studies


About Rikkyo Graduate School of Christian Studies

Two courses in the Graduate School

Research Course in Christian Studies

This course emphasizes research and education in Christian Thought, Theology, Hebrew Scripture and New Testament, as well as Christian Art.
Degrees granted:

  • Master of Theology, Master of Arts (two-year programs)
  • Doctor of Theology, Doctor of Philosophy (three-year programs)

Bishop Williams Course

This course is tailored for people presently working in a Christian-related field. It allows students to obtain a Master of Applied Theology degree in one year. Through this course students will conduct practical research and studies in either Church Music or NGO-NPO-related activities.

For International Students

As a general rule, classes at Rikkyo University are conducted in Japanese, and international students are expected to complete the prescribed curriculum under the same conditions as other students. Degree candidates must, therefore, be sufficiently proficient in Japanese.
Students matriculate in April, at the beginning of the academic year.

About Rikkyo University

For information concerning entrance examinations, tuition, scholorships and other related matters, please see
Guide for International Students
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